·       Very exciting news to report!

As of February 19, the Peace Center Fund has raised approximately $110,000, just over 2/3 of the goal of $150,000.  Beena Sebastian’s vision of a permanent and stable location for Cultural Academy for Peace’s shelters and programming is becoming reality.  It brings happy tears to the eyes and it’s because of the contributions and dedication of people like you!  Please watch your email for upcoming announcements and ideas for how we can get this project done!


·       The impact of the Cultural Academy for Peace is felt throughout their community via the breadth of meaningful activities. Here are some highlights…


        Continued success in supporting women in immediate distress via the Pankhi (helpline) and Sakhi (drop-in center)


        Ongoing partnership with local Legal Aid resources to provide education and assistance to women in need


        Shantibhavan, the Domestic Violence shelter continues to provide holistic care to women and children, successfully avoiding Covid infections


        Participation in India’s Ujjwala Project which advocates for the prevention of trafficking of women and children


“Our journey has placed us in a position to deliver scaled and lasting change in the lives of 1000s of women and children who are exposed to

various types of violence, discrimination, oppression and humiliation in the society. We are determined in our efforts to cultivate peace, justice and commitment to the values defining our vision.”


Beena Sebastian, Founder and Chair, Cultural Academy for Peace



As we settle into this new year with last year and its challenges receding further into our rearview mirrors, one thing that fills me with hope and gratitude is the generosity of the many individuals who have contributed to the Peace Center Fund and continue to do so in such lovely ways.  The commitment exhibited by so many to help Beena Sebastian and the Cultural Academy for Peace purchase a permanent, stable, and functional home for their shelters and related support activities is every bit as important as the dollar amount raised.


I did not know what to expect when Deanna Brown and I established the Peace Center Fund and am truly humbled by the heart of the Cultural Connections community and other friends and loved ones who have joined this effort.


Thank you most sincerely,

Laura Farkas, Chair, Peace Center Fund






Watch this space for an upcoming exciting announcement in honor of International Women’s Day



We have a Financial Sponsor, On Earth Peace, who will accept the donations on our behalf. They are a registered 501c(3) and will provide you with a receipt for your records. 

Mail a check

You can send us a check! Make sure to send it to our Financial Sponsor, On Earth Peace. Make sure to note that your donation is for the Peace Center Fund. Their address is PO Box 188, New Windsor, MD 21776-0188