The lift of coming together
is powerful.

The power of connection. 

During this difficult time of COVID-19, people in our communities our struggling financially, and some with their health. It’s frightening and our attention is understandably focused close to home. But there is nothing like a pandemic to remind us of the truth: humans are a deeply connected family. A donation to the Peace Center Fund, perhaps even a small monthly contribution, will help keep this fundraising effort active for when the world opens back up and we can share our gifts  and support for the Cultural Academy for Peace. Please check out the new pics and enjoy the inspiring video below and be encouraged by the healing power of music and dance, an integral tool used by Cultural Academy for Peace in Kerala, India.

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The lift of coming together.

It seems so long ago, but it was on March 7 that Shari Gass, Hana Razzaq, and Deanna Brown hosted a beautiful day dedicated to the creative arts and wellbeing, and also an incredible lunch, organized by Vera Weiser and Sue Aufderheide. 73 people were warmed by the light pouring in through the windows of the Tippecanoe Arts Federation and, with the generous donations of those who couldn’t attend AND a highly successful marketplace, $6,600.00 was raised for the Peace Center Fund! The successful weekend didn’t end there. People’s Brewing in Lafayette hosted its annual International Women’s Day event on Sunday, March 8, with local artists and non- profits dedicated to empowering women given the opportunity to share their work. More people were introduced to the Cultural Academy for Peace and its need for a Peace Center and contributed to this very worthy project.

The  ‘lift’ of coming together as a community is powerful and I look forward to the time when we can plan more events.

Welcome Auspicious Sisters.

In January of 2020, a group of 8 women traveled with Cultural Connections to South India. They came from Oregon, Maine, Connecticut, Michigan, and Indiana and spanned more than 3 decades in age. They named themselves the “Auspicious sisters” as a testament to the rich variety fo celebratory experiences they had. The voices of these women clamor to affirm that days spend with Beena Sebastian, the staff, and residents of Cultural Academy make the sojourn one that their hearts will never forget. 

News and Stories

Please visit the Peace Center Fund web site for more pictures and videos in the gallery and the new page labeled  “NEWS” where we will archive updates, video, and incredible stories of healing from the Cultural Academy for Peace.


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