Checking in With The Cultural Academy for Peace and The Peace Center Fund

Thank you for very much to all who have contributed to this great cause of helping The Cultural Academy for Peace in Kerala, India, purchase a piece of land to call home and hub of their significant operations.  We are on a course for success! Please read below for news and updates. 

Laura Farkas, Chair Peace Center Fund Committee

A Note from Deanna about her Birthday Fundraiser

“Joy is the simplest form of gratitude.”  Karl Barth

With gratitude for the ways both giving and receiving bring joy, I thank all who met my (Deanna’s) birthday challenge! We more than doubled the birthday challenge and received generous donations of fifteen thousand ($15,000.00) – all of which will go to the Peace Center for Cultural Academy, Kerala, India.

Keep alert for more information from chairperson Laura Farkas and the Peace Center Fund Virtual Auction committee!

Deanna Brown, Founder and Director of Cultural Connections

September 1 7, 2020

From Beena Sebastian in Kerala, India: Supporting Women Through the Covid-19 Pandemic

Here in India the numbers of Covid-19 cases are increasing day by day. In Kerala, 30451 were affected by Covid-19 in total. 11983 people are under treatment in Kerala.   And there is a hope that 18,333 were cured from the disease.The current situation is alarming and the state of Kerala is taking new measures like area  lockdowns. Since the lockdown restrictions are continuing for a longer time, many women are facing violence inside the families. Many are seeking our help and our Trauma Care Center is vigilant and is extending timely support through e-counseling. We are attending the most serious cases here at our center.The most vulnerable groups are the venders, small scale business persons, the fishermen community, and slum dwellers.  The rates of suicide by children and families is increasing drastically due to the exclusion and loneliness. 

Cultural Academy‘s Trauma Care Center is extending community awareness programs and Dr. Suzanna Mathew who is a specialist in Community Medicine is leading the same. Recently we have conducted a Webinar on the subject ‘Compacting gender based violence during the period of lockdown’  Government officials, college faculties, women and gender groups, senior lawyers, women survivors, activists and students participated in the webinar. The webinar was of three areas in focus with the first presented by Beena Sebastian. “Gender based violence” was headed by Beena Sebastian (Chairperson). She focused on the characteristics of Masculinity and how men and women are directly affected by the patriarchal norms of gender roles and violence – and also how it gives a negative impact on children while they grew up by seeing the patriarchy overpower women.   

Shantibhavan Update:  Five of our girls who appeared in the 12th standard passed and one of them named Sandra scored among the highest marks.  Her interest is to go for L.L.B i.e., Law graduation. She appeared for the entrance test to get admission at the Government Law College.  The other four have dreams and plans of going for further education.

A shared joy is a double joy: shared sorrow is half a sorrow.

Stay safe and stay in peace

Team Cultural Academy for Peace


Donations for Auction from your Art, Skill, or Heart Requested!

The Peace Center Fund, is hosting an exciting Auction Event and we are hoping you are able to participate with a donation that comes from your art, your skill, or your heart. The Peace Center Fund project is dedicated to raising funds for the purchase of a plot of land in Kerala, India for Cultural Academy for Peace, to build upon the important work they do empowering women. Perhaps you have an artistic gift, or a wealth of knowledge about a particular topic. You are valuable and we believe that others will agree and help us reach our goal!

We’re Virtual!       

Given the realities of the current situation, and the awesome technology that allows so much connection despite physical distance, the Peace Center Fund Auction will be an online affair, taking place Nov. 14 – 21. If you have a gift you are able to donate, please fill out the information below and submit it to us by Oct. 15, 2020.

With Gratitude

Thank you so much for considering a donation to the Peace Center Fund Auction Event. Your gifts will lead to success.

Submit the information below, via email with “PCF Auction” in the subject line, to…

Vera Weiser, by Oct. 15, 2020

  • Brief Description of the Item or Service, including value if applicable
  • Please provide a short bio of yourself, your connection to the donation and/or your connection to the Peace Center Fund’s efforts.
  • Attach a photo of item, if applicable. jpg file size limit, 640 x 480 pixels

Note: Donor assumes responsibility for shipping item to bid winner. PCF Auction committee will communicate shipping address and relevant information.


Laura Farkas, Vera Weiser, Lisa Pantea

Peace Center Fund Auction Team


We have a Financial Sponsor, On Earth Peace, who will accept the donations on our behalf. They are a registered 501c(3) and will provide you with a receipt for your records. 

Mail a check

You can send us a check! Make sure to send it to our Financial Sponsor, On Earth Peace. Make sure to note that your donation is for the Peace Center Fund. Their address is PO Box 188, New Windsor, MD 21776-0188