Congratulations We hit the goal and lives will be transformed!

Dear Cultural Connections Community and Friends,

Gratitude and Joy from Laura and Deanna!
As of September 30, 2021, the Peace Center Fund goal of $150,000 has been surpassed to the amount of $169,849.  We ALL did it!  Specific expressions of gratitude will be articulated at a later time in various ways.  Right now, let’s celebrate the good news!
The Peace Center Fund will transform lives and increase the capacity of Beena Sebastian and her team at Cultural Academy for Peace to provide shelter and nurturing recovery programs to the women in their care. 
A celebration of this accomplishment is in the works. Until then, please accept our deep gratitude.

With love,

Laura Farkas, Chair, Peace Center Fund Committee

Deanna Brown, Director Cultural Connections, Women Weaving Worlds

THe challenge.

India rates 20% in the gender inequality index

(100%  = perfect equality) and its Tier II status in the United Nations’ Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) signals the fact that India is making some moves toward compliance and improvement in support and protection of vulnerable women, yet continues to be a source, destination, and transit country for forced labor and sex trafficking. Cultural Academy for Peace helps survivors heal and thrive. 

Cultural Academy for Peace

does not own its own property and its domestic violence shelters, scattered around the city, are vulnerable to rising land vales and increasing rental costs.  Reflecting a reality across the urbanizing regions of Asia and South Asia, property values in Kerala, India in 2019 run at about $750,000 per acre. For reference, the average value of land in Chicago, IL = $650,000/ acre The Cultural Academy for Peace needs 1/5 of an acre at a cost of $150,000. 

Help us raise $150,000.

The goal of the Peace Center Fund is to raise $150,000 to purchase a parcel of land for Cultural Academy for Peace (CAP) in Kerala, India. The land will serve as a permanent home for CAP, where it can build a multi-purpose community center to welcome those in its care.
You can help bring this vision to reality with your donation to the Peace Center Fund.

Supporter | $10

Please consider making this a monthly donation. 

Partner | $500

Your generosity will contribute to 1/300 of the land needed to provide shelter to these women. 

Heroine | $2,000

We couldn’t do this without you. You’ve helped us provide a new home for hundreds of women who need your help! 

News + Updates

WHo we are.

The Peace Center Fund was established by a core committee of  women who have travelled with Deanna Brown’s Cultural Connections to Kerala, India and had the opportunity to engage with Beena Sebastian and many of the women she works with and supports via the Cultural Academy for Peace. The Peace Center Fund’s sole purpose is to raise $150,000 for the purchase of a parcel of land on which Cultural Academy for Peace can realize its vision:

Provide a place of safe haven and holistic recovery for the survivors of domestic violence and sex trafficking.

Implement programs for healing including counseling, life skills education, and music and dance therapy.

Welcome friends and partners from around the world in learning about empowerment of women and children, gender equity, and nonviolent activism.


Beena Sebastian

Beena is the founder and chairperson of Cultural Academy for Peace, a non-profit in India which has been a pioneer of social development and social action since 1984.  Beena was nominated and affirmed as one of the 1000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize 2005 and continues to inspire critically needed change in the lives of thousands of women, men, and children in India.

Deanna Brown

Deanna is the founder and facilitator of Cultural Connections, an international intercultural sojourn for women from the United States traveling to India.  She has led dozens of groups of students, academics, and women in their engagement of Indian culture and has worked alongside Cultural Academy for Peace more than 20 years.


Laura is the chairperson for the Peace Center Fund. She is also an instructor of American History at Community College, where she is passionate about helping young people develop skills and confidence to take them from where they are to where they want to be.  With experience in a variety of careers, Laura is honored to engage whatever skills she has to develop and implement the Peace Center Fund campaign.

Help us make a difference.

Make a donation to our fund and support the future of vulnerable women and children in India.


We have a Financial Sponsor, On Earth Peace, who will accept the donations on our behalf. They are a registered 501c(3) and will provide you with a receipt for your records. 

Mail a check

You can send us a check! Make sure to send it to our Financial Sponsor, On Earth Peace. Make sure to note that your donation is for the Peace Center Fund. Their address is PO Box 188, New Windsor, MD 21776-0188